News conversation topics with AUDIO (Listening practice) Syrian refugees

Canadians prepare to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees (News story 2015)

1 – Read the story and study the new words.

2 – Listen to the story audio once or twice while reading the notes.

3 – Listen to the story audio again a few more times without the notes, just focusing on listening.

Canada Welcomes Syrian Refugees

Canadians are getting ready to welcome some Syrian refugees in the next few weeks.

Temporary processing centers have been set up to handle the newcomers at Pearson International airport in Toronto and Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport in Montreal. Government officials say both centers will be ready in time for the first arrivals, some could come in a few days.

By the time the refugees leave the airports, they’ll have received permanent residency, a social insurance number, information on working in Canada, and a meal. Translators will also be there, ready to help.

There will be a rest area for adults and a play area for kids. The play area will have stuffed animals and toys to play with. These areas will help refugees relax after the long trip to Canada.

The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) director for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said the goal is to make the refugees’ first experience in Canada welcoming.

The whole process should take about three hours.

Refugees that are sponsored by families will then be taken to be with those families, and refugees sponsored by the government will be taken to temporary accommodations.

Canada plans to accept 250,000 refugees from Syria by March 2016, but it will likely take longer than that to take in so many people.

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