Natural English – Gerund

Natural English – Gerund

Today let’s talk about gerunds. 

WHAT THE #$%! IS A GERUND? Good question. A gerund is a verb with -ING that acts as a noun. Now forget the word ‘gerund.’ I never use it. So…

Today let’s talk about verbs that act as nouns with -ING.

“I like playing the guitar.” – Playing the guitar is a phrase that acts as a noun. It’s an activity. An activity is a thing. Remember a noun is a person, place or thing.

Swimming is fun.” – In this sentence the verb is ‘IS’ and swimming is an activity, a noun.

Here are some more was we use the -ING form as a noun in some more examples. In all these cases the verb + ING is acting as a noun.

“I like swimming.”

“They denied having seen me at the station, but I think they did.”

“My brother talked me into eating a worm when I was 6.”

“Don’t I look tasty?”

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