Natural English – Collocations II

It’s collocation week! Lets learn some natural English 🙂
A collocation is a combination of words that are often used together in English. If you know some collocations it’s very helpful to gain confidence in using English. 

In English we sometimes use the word ‘dead to mean ‘very’ or ‘extremely.’ Here are a few natural English collocations:

dead serious

= very serious

“You won’t believe this but I saw Brad Pitt leaving the coffee shop near my house yesterday! Honestly I saw him! I’m dead serious!”

“I don’t think that’s the real Brad Pitt. It looks like a wax  statue!”

dead tired

= very tired

“I worked 60 hours last week! I’m dead tired today, let’s stay home and relax.”

“It’s been a hard week. I’m dead tired now.”

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