My BLOG is back! Thanks for your patience (FREE PDF download)


My awesome English blog is back online! This is a special “THANK YOU” post to all my followers and subscribers.

This blog was offline from August 9th until the 13th. I apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. I have 1 goal for this blog. Share my best English tips and learning tools with the world! 🌐 

My page went offline because I changed my blog address from blogspot.808english to WorldEnglishBlog. I did this to help more English students to find me online. BUT… I made a mistake that took my blog offline!!! It was my fault. 😕 

*Have you ever had computer trouble?
Tell me about it in the comments!

I did my best to fix the problem right away. Even though I made a HUGE mistake with my URL I was able to fix it in just a few days. (With lots of help from Google Domains 😉)

I want to thank you for staying with me, below you will find links to 4 of my favorite and most popular posts from the last 4 years. You will also find a link to download my “EACH and EVERY” PDF. Learn how to use these 2 words that are often confused.

Thanks again for coming to my blog and using it to improve your English. 👍

Enjoy this PDF and these posts. I look forward to helping you improve your English today and in the future 😃


To download


English idiom – A Slap on the Wrist
10 common English expressions with TIME
Increase your English vocabulary with the suffix ~ish
50 Phrasal Verbs
Don’t forget, my blog has been added to the FEEDSPOT list of the top 50 English Blogs online!

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