My 3 best tricks for learning English


I have been giving you tips for learning English all week, here is one more that I don’t want to forget.

Use your favorite English movies to help you improve. I often tell my students to watch their favorite English movie (or TV show) on DVD with English subtitles. This way you can read while you listen. (I often do the same with Japanese cartoons on TV.)
If the movie is one you really like it is helpful to already understand the story, that way you can understand the words more easily.

Use your favorite English music to help you improve.
Visit YouTube and type “songs with lyrics” in the search bar.
You will get about 13,100,000 results!
OR type “(your favorite singer) with lyrics”
OR type “(your favorite song) with lyrics”

This is a fun to practice English while you enjoy music that you like!
There are many many songs with the words written in English on in the video.

Give it a try!

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