My 3 best tricks for learning English #3

My 3 best tricks for learning English

Number 3

Using English text books and writing practice tips

Your grammar text book can teach you helpful grammar points, but if the example sentences it uses aren’t interesting for you, the grammar is easy to forget. When you practice writing sentences to practice new grammar, you should write about your own experiences. Even as a beginner in Japanese I practiced basic sentences that I could use with my friends in Japan. My grammar improved because I had things to talk about.
For example:

You learn the verb “GOand the past tense WENT” from a text book, the book may have an example sentence like: “Jim and Angela WENT to France.”  

We learn the past tense of the verb, and a basic English sentence pattern, BUT if you make your own example sentence with a real experience it is easier to remember. For example:

“My friend and I WENT to Kyoto.” – this is something I reallydid. It’s based on a real memory so it is very easy to remember. I don’t know ‘Jim’ or ‘Angela’ and I’ve never been to France! So…. it’s good for me to use the new grammar in a sentence about me. If I use my own experiences I can remember the grammar easily.
Tell your own story in English!
“Last weekend I went to….”
“I really want to…..”
“I like….”
“How about you?”

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