My 3 best tricks for learning English #1

My 3 best tricks for learning English

My number 1 trick for great English practice

Here is my #1 secret for learning a new language. Are you ready?

Talk! Talk a lot! Talk about what you know, what you do, what you did, what you will you do and what you want to do. Talk about things that interest you and things you are involved in. Talk about yourself and things that are interesting to you. 

When you start using a new language don’t spend time learning vocabulary that you rarely use in your native language. With more practice and more time you will learn many new words, but they will come naturally when you talk to people. In the beginning learn how to say things that you want to talk about.

I’m an English teacher, but I’m also a language student. (Japanese) Because I’m a teacher I have lots of experience finding helpful and simple ways to improve my student’s English level. Because I’m a student I have lots of experience practicing my own new communication skills, I can share with my students what has worked for me.

Talk as much as you can and also; don’t be afraid to make a mistake! Making mistakes are part of learning, I make lots of mistakes when I try to use Japanese but I always learn from them. Just go for it and you will be amazed at how fast you will improve!

“Do you like movies? Me too! What’s your favorite movie? Mine is the Matrix.”
“Have you ever been to Thailand? I went last year, let me tell you about it!”
“I like Brazilian music, how about you?”

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