Much and Many

In English we use the words MUCH and MANY to show that there is a large amount of something. “Much” is used with uncountable nouns and “many” is used with countable nouns. (In the last 2 blog posts we looked at countable and uncountable nouns in more detail)
Check the following examples:

“There is too MUCH smoke in this restaurant.”
“There are MANY people smoking.”

Smoke is uncountable so we use MUCH. People is the plural form of person, which is a countable noun, so we use MANY. (When we use many we need to use the plural form of the noun.)

If you are not sure if the noun needs MUCH or MANY I have good news! A LOT has the same meaning, “a large amount of something” and we can use it with both countable and uncountable nouns.

“There is A LOT of smoke in this restaurant.”
“There are A LOT of people smoking.”
Both of these sentences are okay, but don’t forget to add OF!

*It is unusual to use MUCH in positive sentences, A LOT is better.
“I spent MUCH money.” this is not natural. “I spent A LOT of money.” This is the best choice for this sentence.

“There is A LOT OF smoke in this coffee shop!”

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