More ways to make a suggestion in English!

When we use these next 2 expressions to make a suggestion the following verb is in the continuous from (ing) or we use a noun phrase like in these examples:

What about/How about
How about painting the living room blue? I think that it would look nice.
What about a cold beer?

Of course we can use the verb to suggest when we want to suggest something but it’s more formal.

“I’d like to suggest we postpone the meeting until Thursday.”
“If you haven’t decided on your vacation destination yet I could suggest some places that are nice but not too expensive.”

It can also be used in a very polite way.
“May I suggest that we consult with Martin before we make a final decision?”

We also use suggest when we talk about what someone else said. (Reported speech)
“Greg suggested going to that new Italian restaurant for dinner tonight.” (NOT suggested to go)

“My hairdresser suggested a new hairstyle for the summer.” (a new hairstyle is a noun phrase)

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