Making suggestions in English

Today I want to teach you some expressions that we use to make a suggestion in English.
*The grammar ~ After these expressions we use the infinitive (basic or raw) form of the verb without to.

Here are a few examples of verbs in the infinitive:
“I like to eat ice cream on hot days. (Any day really!)”
to eat is the infinitive of the verb EAT.
“Paul has to do his homework before he watches TV.”
to do is the infinitive of the verb DO.

These suggestion phrases are the most common-

Shall we

Shall we get some coffee after lunch? (get is infinitive, we use it without to)

Why don’t we

Why don’t we invite Derrick to our party tonight, I heard he is in town. 
(invite is infinitive, we use it without to)

Why not

Why not ask Andrea on a date? I think she likes you! (ask is infinitive, I think you get it!)
“Hi Andrea, why don’t we go to a movie.”

and my favorite 🙂


Let’s study English!

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