Lend – Borrow

lend and borrow

Lend and Borrow can be confusing to use in a sentence, so lets look at how they are used correctly.

“Can I borrow $10.00? (from you)”

“Can you lend me $10.00?”

These sentences have the same meaning. Whether you need to use lend or borrow depends on the subject of your sentence.

In our 1st example sentence the subject (you), will receive something so we need to use borrow. You will receive money.
Borrow is used whenever the subject receives something. (money, a DVD etc.)
“My brother wants to borrow my car tomorrow.” – My brother is the subject of the sentence, he wants to receive my car.

In the second example the subject is the person who will give us the money (for some time, not forever of course!) so we use lendLend is used whenever the main subject gives something to someone else.
“The bank will lend me $10,000.00 to buy a car.”

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