“Going to the Dentist” story (English listening!)

Going to the Dentist

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James is at the dentist’s office today because
he has a toothache on the right side of his mouth. He
bought some medicine at the drug store, but the pain
didn’t stop. His last dental check-up was six years ago. 
James is afraid of dentists.
An x-ray technician took x-rays of his teeth.
He has three cavities. The dentist is drilling two of
the cavities, but he will have to pull out the tooth that
has the third cavity. That cavity is so large that it
can’t be filled. That is also the tooth that is causing the pain.
Every time the dentist starts the drill, James clenches with fear. The dentist told him to relax, but he can’t. 
What can he do? How can he relax?
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Download the PDF here!
*There is one spelling mistake in the PDF.
It says James clinches” with fear but it should say “clenches.”
PDF and story are from http://www.elcivics.com/

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