"Keep my eyes open"

A: “I want to buy a surfboard, maybe a  used one that is not too expensive. Do you know anywhere I can buy one?”
B: “There are a few sports shops that sell used equipment near my office. I am not sure if they sell surfboards, but I’ll keep my eyes open for you.”

This is an idiom we use when we say we will pay extra attention for something, or try hard to find something. If there is something we want, we are often more sensitive to seeing it, we become more alert.

alertadjective – fully aware, attentive. “There was a robber seen in the park last night. If you walk through the park tonight please be alert.”

If we want to meet someone or talk with someone, we can use the same expression.

A: “Did you see Bob this morning? I want to ask him about tomorrow’s meeting.”
B: “He was in the office this morning but I haven’t see him since lunch. I’ll keep my eyes open for him and if I see him I’ll tell him you are looking for him.”

“I want to buy a new hat! I’m keeping my eyes open for a bargain!”

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