"It’s looks…" "It looks like…"

We use these phrases when we use any of our senses (see, touch, taste, smell etc.) to describe something.
When we use an adjective we do not add “like.”
“This soba tastes delicious!” (Not …tastes likedelicious.)
“That roller coaster looks scary!” (Not …looks like scary.)
The first examples uses adjectives to describe nouns, delicious soba and a scary roller coaster. We use “like” if we are making a comparison to something else, another noun. Noun is like noun. Here are a few examples:
“This sobatastes like spaghetti.” We are comparing soba to spaghetti, both nouns, so we use “like.”
“That roller coaster looks like a space ship.” The same for roller coaster and a space ship.

Writing this blog is fun! It is like going to Disney Sea! (well, not exactly…)
Try and make a few of your own examples!

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