Increase your listening ability! – Polymer (plastic) money in Canada *news story*

Listen to the audio and fill in the missing words from the news story. 
You can easily pause the audio and take time to write your answers. When you are done look at yesterday’s blog post to see the complete story and check  your answers.
This is difficult! Good Luck!!!
New cash is coming. Are you ready?

The Bank of Canada (BoC) _______its new polymer $5 and $10 bank notes on April 30, 2013. They will soon be in _______ says the bank. During November 2013 to be precise.  _________, the Bank has recently posed the question to businesses, “Is my cash-handling equipment polymer-ready?”
The BoC says that the new lower ___________ will be used, “Extensively in vending, self-serve retail checkouts, as well as parking and transit machines.” The Bank will be adopting the same gradual _______ as it did for the $20 polymer notes. However, BoC is ______  acceptors not to delay any upgrades that may be required to accept and _______ the new notes when they are circulated. The Bank says that, “If you have machines with note acceptors, contact your supplier to find out if there are any ________ necessary.”

The BoC says that by _________ the final two denominations of polymer notes at the same time that it is helping the cash-handling industry to plan machine upgrades and the Bank says that it has provided ________ as to the type of equipment adjustments that may be required. “Several months in advance of the notes _______ circulation, the Bank offered manufacturers and suppliers advance bank notes to test on their _________,” said the BoC in a statement. The Bank also says that there are test notes ________ to equipment manufacturers and in the introductory stage of the new notes both paper and polymer $5 and $10 notes will ________ together.

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