Increase your English vocabulary by learning (STILL MORE!) suffixes

In English there are many MANY suffixes used with some very common words. So far we have learned the suffixes en (The function of en is to change adjectives or nouns into verbs), able (able means able to be; possible)  like (like means resembling or having the same characteristic).

Today we’ll learn the suffix –ness and what it means as an English suffix.

The suffix ness means state (condition) or quality. Words (usually adjectives) with the suffix ness become nouns. Please look at the following examples:

“After a great dinner and coffee I thanked my host for his kindness and went home.” = I really appreciated how kind my host was. Kind is an adjective, kindness is a noun.

“You are a great hostess, thank you for your kindness!”

“Airport security need a high level of awareness to be good at their job.” = Security needs to be very aware so they can see anything suspicious or strange. Aware is an adjective, awareness is a noun.

“As it got late the darkness spread across the land…” = It became dark. Dark is an adjective, darkness is a noun.

Some more common examples:

We often talk about happiness, but too many people focus their attention on negative things.

I missed a lot of school because of illness last year.

Do you know some more words that end with –ness? Use them in a sentence and write them in the comment section!

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