Increase your English vocabulary by learning prefixes

Many English words use prefixes. A prefix is an addition to the beginning of a word, that gives the word a new meaning. Here is an example:


dis is an example of a prefix. If we know the root word and the function of the prefix we can easily increase our vocabulary. For example:

connect (verb) means – to join together two or more things
“I connected my new printer to my computer so I could print my English homework.”
The function of dis (prefix) can mean – reverse action; get rid of
Can you guess what disconnect means?
disconnect (verb) means – to separate something from something

“My ski disconnected from my boot while I was coming down the mountain.”

The prefix ‘dis’ can also mean not; opposite of

Let’s look at a few more examples of words with the prefix dis.

“I don’t trust George, he seems dishonest to me.” = I don’t think George is honest.

“I disagree, I George has always been straight with me.” = I don’t agree, George has always told me the truth in the past (be straight = be honest)

More prefixes coming soon!

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