Increase your English vocabulary by learning prefixes #3

*In English we use the prefix OVER to mean EXCESSIVELY or COMPLETELY. 
“I can’t believe the team lost the league championship after such a strong season. I guess they thought the final would be easy so they got overconfident.” = excessively (too) confident
“I was overjoyed when I found out that I won a free vacation!” = completely happy
both of these words are adjectives

*In English we use the prefix UNDER to mean BELOW or NOT ENOUGH. 
“I’m gonna send this hamburger back. It’s undercooked.” = not cooked enough
“Peter applied for a new job but he was underqualified.” = lacking the qualifications
both of these words are adjectives

“We were overconfident for the game. The challengers played great!
Unfortunately we underestimated them and they beat us.”

*Can you guess the meaning of underestimate?

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