Increase your English vocabulary by learning prefixes #2

In English we have a few prefixes with a meaning of NO, NON or OPPOSITE. Last time we learned about the prefix DIS so today let’s look at some more prefixes with a similar meaning.


“My boss was angry because my assignment was incomplete.” = not complete

“Jerry can’t finish that report by Friday! That’s impossible!” = not possible

both of these words are adjectives


“Riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk is illegal. I know, I tried it last weekend!” = not legal

“Most verbs in English become past tense when you add ‘ED’ but some verbs are irregular.” = not regular

both of these words are adjectives


A: “Can we have steak for dinner tomorrow night?”
B: “Sure, there are 2 steaks in the freezer. I’ll put them in the fridge to defrost them tonight.” = to become or make something warmer – defrost is a verb


“Mister Donut in Tokyo has unlimited refills on coffee! I can drink as much as I want!” = no limit
unlimted is an adjective

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