Increase your English vocabulary by learning (EVEN MORE!) suffixes

In English there are many MANY suffixes used with some very common words. So far we have learned the suffixes en (The function of en is to change adjectives or nouns into verbs); able (able means able to be; possible).

Today we’ll learn the suffixlike and what it means as an English suffix.
The suffix like means resembling or having the same characteristic. Look at the following examples:

“My uncle Lester is a lot of fun and he doesn’t take life too seriously. He’s very childlike, he doesn’t really worry about anything.” = My uncle’s character is like a child, similar to someone very young.

“The lion and tiger robots at Disney look amazing! I know they are just machines, but they are so lifelike!” = The robots look like real animals, they resemble real lions and tigers.

“Robots in movies are so lifelike nowadays don’t you think?”

You can add –like to almost any noun. This is helpful sometimes when you describe something to another person, especially for animals or someone’s behavior.

“A tanuki is a raccoonlike animal that lives in Japan.”

*If someone behaves well in a game or competition we can say they are very sportsmanlike.

“The opposite uses the prefix UN. You get a red card if you are UNsportsmanlike.”

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