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Tree Free Paper
Actor Woody Harrelson is planning to raise money for Prairie Paper Ventures Inc. a private company he started 15 years back.
Prairie Paper makes its paper using a different mix of material from normal: 80% of the inputs come from wheat straw and the rest from recycled fibre. The paper is known as Step Forward Paper. It’s available on Amazon US, and at Staples, Lyreco and Basics.(These are 4 American office supply stores.)
In a posting on its website, “Out of the Furnace” star Harrelson, who is holding up a box of paper, said “it’s good for the forests, it’s good for the farmers and it’s good for our future.”
The company’s tree-free paper is produced in India – because no ecomillis available in North America and Europe. The ultimate goal is to “build a 100% tree-free, off-the-grid, eco-friendly, chlorine-free mill on the Prairies where millions of tonnes of leftover wheat straw is readily available,” said Christina Marshall, director of marketing.
In the final section of the video, Harrelson adds: “Two boxes of this paper saves one tree, so you can make a very real difference.” On the same website, the company claims to have saved 8,681 trees.
But the $5-million that the company is seeking to raise won’t come from a public offering. Instead the offering will be posted on the Optimize Capital Markets’ website, specifically its institutional crowdfunding portal.
So far Prairie Papers has raised about $10-million. Some of that capital came from the Canadian federal and Manitoba governments. In a mid-2010 release, Ottawa said that so far, “the provincial and federal governments have invested $575,000 in Prairie Pulp and Paper,” through a variety of programs. Since then another $3.4-million has been provided.
Woody Harrelson is an American actor with strong opinions on environmental issues.

ecomill – A mill is a building or group of buildings equipped with machinery for processing raw materials into finished or industrial products. The prefix (beginning) eco means the following word “mill” is good for the environment. A mill that does not harm the environment.

off-the-gridGrid refers to a power grid, a network of cables and wires that send electricity across an area. Cities are divided into electrical grids. Off the grid refers to a building that has it’s own power source (solar, wind etc.) and is not connected to a public power source.

offering noun – The act of making an offer. Starting companies will often raise money to get going by having a public offering. Members of the public are offered a chance to buy shares (small parts) of the company. If the company is successful the shares increase in value.

crowdfunding – Requesting small donations for a cause via e-mail, social networks or the Web. From the article Optimize Capital Markets’ website has the ability to accept donations from the Web.

Ottawa said that….. = The government of Canada said that… *Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is common for news stories to use the name of a country’s capital to mean the government of that country.

From “Washington says more Iranian sanctions bad idea” – The American government thinks more sanctions for Iran is a bad idea.

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