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Below is a list of the most popular English posts from this site, plus my favorite!

Most POPULAR blog post

Verb and noun pairs with examples (audio+PDF)

In this post you will find 36 English verb and noun pairs with example audio. Listen to natural examples with real audio! Learn to make the correct sound for verb and noun pairs that have the same spelling but different pronunciation. Over 70 natural example sentences!

2nd most POPULAR blog post

Learn 50 common phrasal verbs (PDF download)

You will learn 50 English phrasal verbs in this post. Each phrasal verb has an example sentence to help you understand its meaning. The example sentences will give you the chance to use these expressions naturally in your own conversations!

Most reader COMMENTS

Improve your English QUICKLY – 4 Keys (2020)

In this post I will teach you 4 keys to help you Improve your English quickly. You can apply these tips to your study right away!

My personal FAVORITE

Learn English from TV (A complete guide)

You can learn a lot of English words and expressions from TV shows. In this post you will get my best tips for learning English with foreign TV programs. Learn what to watchhow to watch it and where to find these shows.

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