Great English practice! How to use "So & Such" for English conversation.

So and Such
So is used with adjectives:
“Andy gave me some chocolate, he is so nice.”
“Josh is so tall! He grew 5 cm this summer.”
And adverbs:
“Nick runs so quickly.”
“I kiss my baby’s head so gently.”

Such is used with nouns:
“Steve is always complaining about everything. I don’t like to spend time with such people.”
And adjectives + nouns:
“Eric is such a nice person.”
*When we use such and so before an adjective, it makes it stronger.
“Can I borrow a sweater? It’s so cold today.” = very cold.
“Thank you for inviting me to your party, I had such a good time!” = a very good time.

“The trees are lovely but it looks so cold!”

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