Golden week

This week is Golden week, or as I would say to my Japanese friends “It’s 金の週! (Kin no shuu!)” They would look at me very strangely whenever I said this. “What?!” I realized that they know the sound “golden”  but they don’t understand the meaning exactly. So, what does “golden” mean and how do we use it?

Golden is an adjective that can mean something is very good or valuable. Gold is a precious metal so things made of gold have value, they are expensive. “Golden week” is used to mean a very good week because there are 3 holidays in the same week. It is rare to have 3 days off in a week, so it’s great!

Another good example is when we have a good chance to do something. We call it a golden opportunity.
“I will visit my wife’s parents this weekend. They can’t speak English so this is a golden opportunity for me to practice my Japanese.”

Golden can mean gold colored. “My sister is tall with golden hair.”

or made of gold 
“Indiana Jones found a golden statue in the ancient ruins.” “Kinkakuji is a golden Buddhist temple in Kyoto.” Please note that we use golden for things that are special, not usually made of gold. Statues are usually made of clay or stone so a statue made of gold is special or unique. Another example is a baseball award for outstanding performance from a player called the “Golden Glove.” Gloves are not usually made of gold so we say golden. If something is commonly made from gold, like a ring or a necklace we just use gold as an adjective.
“My boss always wears a gold watch to work, I should ask for a raise!” or “I bought gold earrings for my wife for Christmas.”

I hope that reading my blog is a golden opportunity for you to study English!

The new golden iPhone 4!

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