Everyday English – No & None part 2 – None OF (something)

We learned in my earlier blog that none is a pronoun so we don’t use it with a noun. However we can say ‘none of’ something. Please look at the following examples:
“My brother has many sweaters! There are 6 sweaters in our closet and none of them are mine.”


Remember after none of we will use plural countable nouns 
(more than 1) – none of the people, none of them etc.
“I want to go to the mall on Christmas, but none of the stores are open.” – ‘Stores’ are plural.


“I invited 4 friends from my soccer team to my party but none of them are coming. They’re playing in a school tournament on Saturday.” – ‘Them’ = 4 friends (more than 1)


We can also use uncountable nouns with none of.
There was a big earthquake in March, 
luckily none of my furniture was damaged.
Furniture is an uncountable noun. It has no plural – furnitures 
 We just received feedback from our customer survey. Unfortunately none of it is good.
Feedback is also an uncountable noun. It has no plural – feedbacks
Idiom – Second to none = The best. Better than everything else. My mom bakes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world! They’re second to none! 

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