Everyday English III・How to use Nobody/no-one – nothing – nowhere (video!)

Nobody/no-one - nothing - nowhere

These words can be used at the beginning of a sentence or you can use them by themselves as answers to questions. (Just like none!)

Please read the following examples:

“I knocked on the door but no-one answered. 
Maybe nobody was home.”
A: “What did you do yesterday?”
B: “Nothing. I was too tired.”
A: “Where will you go during the summer holiday?”
B: “Nowhere. I will stay home and save money.”
“This road goes nowhere.”

Be careful of this common mistake:
We don’t use nobody/nothing/nowhere with a negative verb – isn’t/didn’t/can’t etc.

Look at these examples:

“I saw nothing.” NOT I didn’t see nothing.

“I may change jobs this summer but I need to keep it a secret. No-one can know.” NOT No-one can’t know.

Do you want to learn real English that native speakers use?


English Idiom: out of nowhere

~ appearing suddenly, without warning.

When we were camping a bear came out of nowhere and scared us!

It was a nice day and suddenly dark clouds  and rain came out of nowhere.

Watch the video version of this post below to improve your English listening and pronunciation skills. [And review this lesson too!]

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