English vocabulary ~ Winter Weather pt. 2 (over 2 minutes of AUDIO!)

How’s your weather?
Readers of my blog come from all over the world. Most live in the northern hemisphere but I know I have readers in Brazil, (and all over South America!) and there are some that are in the northern hemisphere but are closer to the equator so it’s warm year long. (all year)

It doesn’t snow very much in Tokyo, certainly much less than where I’m from in Ontario Canada. 

I wrote a blog post about some weather we had in Tokyo at the end of January and today I’d like to tell you about some winter weather in the news where I’m from. (Canada!)

If you live where winters are cold, you can relate to this and if you live somewhere warm you can appreciate your weather even more!

relate to (phrasal verb) relate to something/somebody to be able to understand and have sympathy with somebody/something
Learn some new vocabulary and some natural ways to talk about the effects of bad weather.

From Feb. 6, 2018 – CBC News Canada

Environment Canada has issued a special weather warning calling for up to 10 cm of snow to fall overnight and into Wednesday morning, which could make for a messy (difficult) morning rush hour commute.
rush hour (nounthe time, usually twice a day, when the roads are full of traffic and trains are crowded because people are traveling to or from work
In our story commute is a noun.

It is often used as a verb too.
Drivers are being warned the snow could affect road conditions and visibility
Toronto Public Health ended an extreme cold weather alert at 12 noon on Tuesday (Feb. 6) that has been in place for the past two days.

Do you know what an extreme cold weather alert is? In Canada these alerts are used to tell people living in an area that the temperature will be very low for at least 2 hours.

The exact temperature for an extreme cold weather alert is different in different areas. In parts of Southern Ontario the alerts are issued for temperatures of -30 °C but in the Northwest Territories extreme cold weather alerts are not issued unless it’s -50 °C! 
Listen again!

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