English vocabulary – stroll (another word for walk)



to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed wayPeople were strolling along the beach.

Read this short news story about president Obama’s stroll in Washington. 
(Remember we learned the idiom “Walk in the park” here!)

Obama’s stroll is no walk in the park for Secret Service
President Obama took a walk Wednesday – but not just any stroll on the South Lawn of the White House. He went outside the safety of the White House complex to chat with normal people on the streets of downtown Washington.
And with Obama’s unusual departure from the bubble, the men and women of the Secret Service who are responsible for protecting his life faced a period of heightened alert.



a group of buildings of a similar type together in one placea sports complexan industrial complex (= a site with many factories)

departure from the bubble = leaving the safety of the White House where the environment is controlled and without risk. 



if a feeling or an effect heightens, or something heightens it, it becomes stronger or increases
 intensifyTension has heightened after the recent bomb attack.

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