English vocabulary practice! How to use Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives and Adverbs

We use adjectives to add information to nouns.

  • That dog is big.
  • It’s late.
  • William looks hungry.

We use adverbs to describe verbs.

  • That dog ran away quickly.
  • William never works on Saturdays.
  • I only had coffee for breakfast. 
Some adverbs are just adjectives with an extra –ly. These usually tell us how something is done.
quiet – quietly
bad – badly
perfect – perfectly 

  • “My brother is quiet, he talks very quietly.”
  • “Richard is a bad singer, he sang badly at karaoke last night.”
  • “Soon your English will be perfect! You’ll be able to speak English almost perfectly!”
But be careful! Some adjectives also end in –ly.


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