English vocabulary for the 2014 World Cup! ~ "Qualify"

The World Cup is starting in a few weeks! 
Are you a fan? Do you call it football or soccer in your country?

This week I want to teach you some words that we can use to talk about the World Cup.

I’m from Canada but now I live in Japan. Canada didn’t qualify (they never qualify) for the World Cup but Japan did. Let’s look at the verb qualify today:
Qualify has a few meanings. 
It can mean reach a standard of ability to do a job, for example by completing a course or passing a test – “My sister qualified as a doctor last year. She passed her medical exam.
It can also mean to have or give somebody the right to do something – “If you live in the area, you qualify for a parking permit.
Or it can mean to have the right qualities to be described as a particular thing – “It’s an old building, but that doesn’t qualify it as an ancient monument!
*For competitions like the World Cup qualify means to be of a high enough standard (level) to enter a competition
So… Canada’s national soccer team is not at a high enough level to enter the World Cup but Japan’s team is. How about your country? Who do you cheer for?

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