English study tip! Preparing English to tell your own story

Do you do anything that’s unusual? Do you have an odd hobby? Prepare to talk about these things in English! This is a great way increase your vocabulary and remember new words. It’s also a great chance to talk about yourself with others! Let me explain what I mean with an example.

On Wednesday I went to a Red Cross center to give blood. I used to give blood in Canada and now I want to start giving again in Japan.

Of course at the blood donation center they use a lot of medical and not so common Japanese vocabulary, so I had a lot of help! But after my visit I learned some new words and sentences that I could use to talk about my experience with others in my new language! It was great! I learned new Japanese and it is very easy to remember because I can use it to talk about a real thing that happened to me!

Try to describe your own activity in English by finding a few new words and make some sentences you can use to tell others what you have done 🙂

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