English prepositions IN, AT, ON with time (video)

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English prepositions IN, AT, ON
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Learn the meaning of the prepositions IN, AT and ON and practice some of their uses! Read and listen to natural preposition sentences that we use to describe when things happen. 

Prepositions with TIME

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We use at for the time of day

For example:

Let’s meet at seven-thirty.

Steve wakes up at sunrise every day.

I saw Robert at lunchtime.

We use on for specific days and dates

for example:
On Saturday I have to work.
On my birthday I can eat lots of cake.
I met my wife on July third 1998.
We use in for longer periods of time longer amount of time
for example:
In September I’ll go to Paris. (September is 30 days so we say in September, it means inside
those 30 days)  
In the future everyone will have a flying car.  (the future is any time from now it’s a long time period so we say in the future)
Flowers always bloom in spring.

In can also mean from now
for example:
I’m leaving in 20 minutes. (= 20 minutes from now)
Scott will go to Italy in two months. (= two months from now)

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