English prepositions- IN, AT & ON with places (video too)

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English prepositions IN, AT, ON
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Learn the meaning of the prepositions IN, AT and ON and practice some of their uses! Read and listen to natural preposition sentences that we use to describe what’s around us and where things are. 


Video text below!
Learn the English prepositions IN AT and ON with places
In means inside
We say:
in a room
in a store
in a city
in a lake
in the sea
for example:
Doug loves to scuba dive in the ocean.
I live in Japan where do you live?
At equals beside or close to
We say:
at the door
at the intersection
at the bus stop
for example:
Jim is waiting at the front desk.
Turn right at the traffic lights.
On means surface or contact
We say:
on the floor
on the desk
on his nose
on a page
for example:
I will hang this map on the wall.
Sometimes it’s helpful to think of on meaning on top of.
This has the same feeling.
There is a glass of wine on the table.
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