English Listening Practice! – "One-dollar charity app "

Listening Practice!
Listen to the audio and fill in the missing words:

You can easily pause the audio and take time to write your answers. When you are done look at Friday’s blog post to see the complete story and check  your answers.

Google starts one-dollar charity app 

The search engine giant Google has started a new app that lets people give just $1 to different ______. Its ‘One Today’ app shows users a _____ of charities every day. The home page says: “Open the app, and you’re presented with several projects to which you can _____ $1 with one click. It’s that simple. And most people can _____ the occasional $1 donation.” At the moment, it is only available in the USA to people with Android _____ phones. Google hopes to start providing the service around the world soon. Google spokeswoman Maya Amoils blogged: “We look forward to continuing to _____ the One Today experience and to growing our dynamic community with _______ [non-profit organisations].”

The One Today website ______ that: “Google has a long-standing commitment to supporting non-profits and to _____ good. One Today makes fundraising easy for non-profits; it also makes giving simple and fun for users.” Google believes the app will mean people can ____ more about non-profits. It also hopes people will share their favorite projects on ____  _____ sites so that more people donate. It adds: “Do good daily! Engage with hundreds of non-profit projects each year and help contribute to their ______.” Ms Amoils wrote: “We’re amazed by the great work non-profits do on a daily basis to make the world a better place, and we’re ________ to provide a new ________ which helps [them].”

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