English Learning strategy

English Learning strategy

Have a schedule.

Set a regular schedule for English practice. Think about when you were a child, how did you learn your native language? How often did you use it? Every day. How often did you listen to it? Every day. How often did you read or see something new? Every day.

Now we are adults, we are busy and English is our 2ndlanguage. That’s okay. Can you study, listen to, read or use English 15 minutes a day? That will help, a lot! Because you are exposed to English every day you will improve, for sure 🙂

Maybe Sunday is your free day, or Monday, or whenever and you want to study for 1 hour or 90 minutes. That’s great. But try to get at least 10 or 15 minutes every day, and make a plan. Some people like to study in the morning when they wake up, so they plan to read or listen to some English when they wake up or when they have their morning coffee. I like to read Japanese before I go to bed. Many of my students study on the train while they go to work. Using an English podcast, or even reviewing my blog on the train with their smart phone. The point is there are many things you can do, just make a schedule and be creative!

Did you make an English schedule already? Share it in the comment section below so others can get some ideas!

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