English idioms – shoot the messenger

In football if you want to score a goal, you have to shoot! Shoot is a verb often used to talk about sports events and games.



 in sports

 (in football ( soccer ), hockey, etc.to try to kick, hit or throw the ball into a goal or to score a pointshoot (at something)He should have shot instead of passing.(especially North American English)shoot somethingAfter school we’d be on the driveway shooting baskets(= playing basketball ).

This weeks idiom is don’t

shoot the messenger.

“My boss got angry when I reported our poor sales figures for last year. I said it’s not my fault, please don’t shoot the messenger!”

(don’t) shoot the messenger

to blame the person who gives the news that something bad has happened, instead of the person who is really responsible.

“Hey, Hey, Don’t blame me! I’m just telling you what happened!”

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