English Idioms – Bird’s-eye view

In English it’s common to use idioms in natural conversation. Learning idioms is a great way to sound more like a native speaker. Even if you aren’t so comfortable to use a new idiom it is still great to understand the meaning if you hear them. Today’s idiom is…

Bird’s-eye view

Can you imagine the meaning? If this is a new idiom for you, let’s learn the pieces to help understand the whole idiom.

A bird’s eye is the eye of a bird!

A view can mean:



what you can see from a particular place or position,
There were magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

 So… if a view is what you can see from a certain place, and birds (usually) fly high in the sky, a bird’s eye view must be…

A view of something from a high position looking down! Here are a few pictures from a bird’s eye view.

“My balcony gives me a bird’s eye view of the street below.”
“I got a bird’s eye view of Berlin from the airplane. I was lucky to have a window seat!”

As always definitions come from:

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