English idioms – A walk in the park

A walk in the park
Look at the following example sentence:
“I was never very good at sports in high school but my brother played rugby and hockey and won many trophies. Athletics were hard for me but a walk in the park for my brother.”
Can you guess the meaning? If something is a walk in the park is it difficult or easy?
So… a walk in the park means something is very easy, not difficult at all. I bet you figured that out!
A walk in the park is a common idiom that we often find in the news-

Antonio Valencia: The Key to Ecuador’s Success

Despite having a solid squad Ecuador has been placed in a tough group featuring the likes of France (FIFA Ranking-16) and Switzerland (FIFA Ranking-6). Valencia, arguably the fastest player on the planet will have to use all of his capabilities to lead his country past two of the world’s best teams. Both Switzerland and France have to be weary though, because if Valencia plays to his full potential, the Ecuadorian team will be no walk in the park.” = it will NOT be easy to beat Ecuador.
What is easy for you? What’s a walk in the park? Did you have an experience once that was a walk in the park? How is your team doing on the World Cup? Did they win their first game? Was it a walk in the park?

Walked Or Took A Walk? (Here is the answer w/VIDEO)

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