Past Participle of READ – English grammar (w/Audio)

In today’s post I’m going to talk about past participle verb form and teach you how to use the past participle of read.

The verb to read means – to look at and understand the meaning of written or printed words or symbols LINK

TO READ (verb)
Present tenseread [pronunciation] REED
“I like to read history books.”
Past tenseread [pronunciation] RED
“I read 6 books last summer.”
Past participleread [pronunciation] RED
“I have read all the books in the library.”

In English there is a verb form that we use called the past participle. A common example of this verb form is eaten.

Present tense – eat
Past tense – ate
Past participle – eaten

We often use it (the past participle) with the auxiliary (helper) verb HAS/HAVE (This is the perfect tense)

“I like to eat interesting food. I ate alligator in Sao Paulo Brazil, but I HAVE never eaten whale.”

Have you ever eaten crickets!?

Another common example – The verb to go

Present tense – go
Past tense – went
Past participle – gone

Dennis: “I’m gonna go to the store. Does anybody need anything?”
Denise: “We need milk but I went to the store an hour ago and they are sold out.”
Dylan “Has Dennis gone yet? We need more rice.”

Been is the past participle of the verb TO BE.

Been is used as the past participle of go when somebody has gone somewhere and come back. (This is very common.)

“I want to go back to Sao Paulo one day. Have you ever been there?”

Sometimes the past participle and the past tense are the same.

Present tense – buy
Past tense – bought
Past participle – bought

“Have you ever bought something expensive and then felt bad about it after?”

Most regular verbs – verbs that end in ed – will use the same spelling and pronunciation for the past participle.

play played played

walk walked walked

allow allowed allowed

Past participle of read

Read can be a confusing verb because the present tense and the past tense are spelled the same but they are pronounced differently.

“I like to read.” ~ present tense sounds like REED

“I read that book when I was in high school.” ~ past tense sounds like RED

“These books are read all over the world.” ~ The past participle also sounds like past tense RED (This example is the passive voice.)

[The past participle is pronounced the same as the past tense.]

So the 3 forms the verb of read look like this!

read (REED)
read (RED)
read (RED)

Let’s read some examples and practice the pronunciation:

A: “Have you read [RED] the new Harry Potter book?”
D: “Not yet. My Dad read [RED] it and he said it was good. I will read [REED] it on the flight to Canada in August.”

“I bought the new Dan Brown book but I haven’t read [RED] it yet.”

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