Countable nouns pt.2

We learned from the last blog that we don’t use A or AN with uncountable nouns. But don’t forget that we can’t use a countable noun by itself the same way we can for an uncountable noun. For example: “My friend takes the bus everywhere, he hasn’t got car.” INCORRECT
“I need some more water.” CORRECT

Water is not countable so we don’t need to use “A.” BUT cars are countable so we need “A when we talk about 1 car.
“My friend takes the bus everywhere, he hasn’t got A car.” CORRECT

A countable noun doesn’t need “A” every time, but it can’t be used by itself. Examples:
“This is my car.” “That looks like Kevin’s car in the parking lot.” “The blue car looks better than the black one.”

In the example sentence “I need some more water.” we used SOME before water. We can use the word some with both countable and uncountable nouns, but don’t forget that countable nouns need to end with S if you use them with some. “I saw some cool cars when I was at the auto show!”

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