Today let’s look at the word convince and some ways to use it.

“Convince” is a verb that means to persuade someone to do something or to cause someone to believe that something is true. Look at the following examples:

“At first I didn’t want to practice yoga but my wife told me that it is good exercise and that it can reduce stress so I should try it. She convinced me that it was a good idea so I went to a class.” My wife didn’t just tell me to try yoga but she gave me reasons why I should try. Those reasons made me change my mind, it got me to believe that trying yoga is a good idea. She convinced me. I was convinced.

“My coworker thinks that if our company opens a new office in Hong Kong it will be good for business. Renting office space is very expensive in Hong Kong and we don’t have any staff who can speak Chinese so our boss is not convinced that it’s a good idea.” In this example my coworker has an idea but my boss has reasons not to like it. My boss is not convinced that the idea is good. Saying “I’m not convinced. is common in English conversation also.

“You told me that you are good friends with George Clooney but I have never even seen a picture of you together. I am not convinced by your story.” I don’t believe that your story is true.

I am convinced that if you keep reading my blog your English will improve!

Hi boss. I think I deserve a raise.

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