Confusing English words – Words with the same sound or spelling with different meaning

I may have to visit 2 countries in May.

may is sometimes an auxiliary (helper) verb that means: possible
“It may rain tonight.” = Rain is possible tonight.
May is also the 5th month of the year.
“My mother was born in May.”
to is a preposition used to express motion or direction toward a point or person.
this has the same sound as the number 2.
Too easy?
Try these sentences:
“You’re close to the window, can you close it please? I don’t want another fly to fly in the apartment.”
“I’d like to read the new Stephen King book. Have you read it yet?”
“They’re going to stop by the butcher over there and buy some meat so let’s meet them there after they buy their food.”
“Could you say that again please?”

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