Confusing English words – Famous or Popular? (Video and quiz)

In this post I’ll explain the subtle difference, with lots of helpful examples that you can listen to and repeat. This kind of practice will improve all of your English communication skills.

You’re hearing all points of English grammar in natural use, and it’s being absorbed by your brain, even if you don’t realize it!
Let’s get started!
Both words are adjectives.
Adjectives are used to describe nouns.
(Remember, a noun is a person, place or thing)
The definitions and many of the examples
used here came from:
– known about by many people
Vincent Van Gogh is a famous artist from Holland. 
(Many people know who Vincent Van Gogh is.)
One day I’ll be rich and famous
(In the future I’ll have money and be well known.)
The Plaza is a famous hotel in New York where celebrities and the wealthy stay when they visit the Big Apple.
liked or enjoyed by a large number of people
Prince is a hugely popular singer.
(A lot of people like Prince and enjoy his music.)
Skiing has become very popular recently.
(Lately many people enjoy skiing.) 
These polka dot acrylic nails are one of our most popular designs.
(Many people buy and wear these nails.)
The reason she is famous is because she wrote 
the (very popular!) Harry Potter novels.
The beautiful beaches are one of the reasons Maldives is famous.
More Thai women are becoming interested in kickboxing.
Famous or Popular QUIZ
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