Common English – There & It

Common English – There and It
In English we use the word thereto say that something exists or if we talk about something for the first time.
There is a big dog outside.”
“The new café on Front St. is very popular. Thereis a big line at the counter every morning.”
“I watched a soccer game on TV last night from Brazil. In the stadium there were many people dancing after their team won!”
We use it if we are talking about a specific thing, place or situation.
“My neighbor’s dog is noisy. It’s always barking.” It = the dog
“I want to try the new café, but it’s always very busy.” It = the café
“I didn’t expect Barry to come to the party, so when I saw him it was a nice surprise!” It = the fact that Barry came to the party

There are 3 cars on the road outside. I like the convertible, it’s cool!”

Try and make your own sentences using the patterns we just practiced and leave them in the comment section of the blog!

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