Common English Phrasal verb – Talk (someone) into (something)

Talk (someone) into (something) is another common English phrasal verb that you may have heard before. Let me explain the meaning and help you use it in your own English conversations just like a native speaker.

Talk (someone) into (something) means – to persuade (convince) someone to do something. Often something that they didn’t want to do at first.

Look at the following examples:

“I had to talk my husband into renting a romantic comedy from the video store. He actually enjoyed it even though he said it looked boring.”
“It took 3 months but I finally talk dad into letting me borrow his new car.”
*Notice that we talk (someone) into (verb+ing)

The opposite of talk (someone) into (something) is:
Talk (someone) out of (something)
“My mom tried to talk me out of getting a tattoo when I was 21. It didn’t work.” ~ She tried to convince me not to get a tattoo.
“I should have listened to my mom!”
Have you ever tried to talk someone into something? Has someone ever tried to talk you out of something? Write about it in the comment section! Then +1 it to your English speaking friends!

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