"Because" and "So"

Today let’s learn to use 2 words that will help us make natural English sentences.
“ BECAUSE” and “SO”
These words are very useful when we tell someone what we did\will do, and why we did/will do it.
Let’s make a very simple example sentence.
I stayed home today BECAUSE it was cold.
I tell you what I did, “I stayed home today” and then I give you the reason why “it was cold.”
If we use the word SO to connect these 2 ideas we need to put the why first and the what comes next.
It was cold today SO I stayed home.
Good job!
Let’s use this as part of a simple conversation.

Remember we will explain what we did\will do and why we did/will do it.

A: “Hey Dave! Let’s have lunch on Saturday. My coworker told me that there is a good sushi restaurant near the station SO I want to go.”
B: “Thanks for the offer but I can’t goBECAUSE I have to work on Saturday.

One more:
A: “I went to the park yesterday BECAUSE the weather was nice.”
B: “Really? I thought it was too hot SO I stayed in and used the air-conditioner.”

Try and make your own simple sentences using this pattern. 
Communicating is very easy!

The view was great, SO I took a picture!

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