August is the hottest month – superlatives

It’s August already! August is the hottest month in Japan. Today lets review superlatives, these are adjectives ending in est or following most.

The Empire Strikes Back is the most exciting movie of the Star Wars series.” – This is comparing 6 movies.
“This blog is the greatest English learning blog in the world!” – This comparing all the blogs in the world.

The way to use superlative adjectives is similar to the way we use comparative adjectives.
For a one-syllable word simply add the –est to the end of the word.
Big – Biggest (sometimes we need to double the last consonant)
If the one syllable word ends with an “e” you only need to add an –st.
If a two-syllable word ends with a “y” then change the “y” to “i” and add –est.
Pretty – prettiest
If an adjective has two or three syllables we put most or least in front. 
“She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!”
“Winter is my least favorite season.”

What is the hottest month in your country?

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