Another word for BECOME (ESL-sound like a native!)

When the season changes from Summer to Fall it’s a good chance to talk about another word for become. During this season the leaves will become yellow, orange and red. The leaves change color. They will turn yellow, orange and red.

The 🍂It’s Autumn/Fall for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere! Do you remember what a hemisphere is?

A hemisphere is – one half of the earth, especially the half above or below the equator

Oxford Learner’s Dictionary hemisphere
hemisphere definition

In English conversation, it’s natural to use the word turn instead of become. So we say:

The leaves will turn yellow, orange and red during this season. They change color.

The leaves will turn yellow, orange and red during this season. In English conversation, we often use the word turn instead of become.

*Why does this season (Autumn/Fall) have 2 names?
Learn at my advanced English post <HERE>

Here are a few more common examples where we use turn to describe a change in something.

Turn instead of Become More examples

“Brian will turn 35 next month.” (Brian will become 35 years old.)

“My red sock got washed with my white shirts by accident! My white clothes have all turned pink!!!” (My white clothes have all become pink!)

My white shirt has turned pink! Turn is another word for become,

Adjectives and Nouns with TURN

Colors and someone’s age are adjectives.

My shirts turned pink.
Brian will turn 35.

The subjects changed something, color or age, but they didn’t change what they were. So, Brian is still Brian, he is just one year older. His age changed. My clothes are still clothes, but they are pink now. The color changed.

If one thing (a noun) becomes something else (another noun), we can say turn to or turn into

Please look at the following examples:

“If you put water in the freezer it will turn to ice.” (Water will become ice. Water and Ice are both nouns.)

If you put water in the freezer it will turn to ice.

“Brian turned into a real jerk after he became a manager.” (This sentence needs turned into because the word jerk is a noun.)

“My niece Grace has turned into a beautiful young lady.” (My sister’s daughter has changed from a girl to a lady. This is a common way to express that a young person has grown up. They have become an adult.)

Grace has turned into a beautiful young lady.

Jacob drinks a lot of coffee. He needs to be careful or his teeth will turn brown. (Brown is an adjective)

I left my ice cream on the counter and it melted, it turned into soup! (Soup is a noun)

Phrasal verb TURN DOWN

turn somebody/something down – to reject or refuse to consider an offer, a proposal, etc. or the person who makes it

“The company offered me a promotion, but it was a lot of extra responsibility but not much of a pay increase. I turned it down.” (I refused the promotion (offer) because it was not good for me.)

turn something down – to reduce the noise, heat, etc. produced by a piece of equipment by moving its controls

“I’m sweating! Could you please turn down the heat?” (Please adjust the control to reduce the heat in the room.)

Oxford Learner’s Dictionary turn down

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