Lets do some advanced vocabulary practice. Today we will look at a few adjectives that start with the letter Q.

You probably know these 2 already-

quick – moving rapidly; speedy
“The new pizza restaurant downtown has quick delivery service. My pizza came in just 20 minutes!”
“I don’t like to talk with Lisa about politics. She has a quick temper.”


quiet – making little or no noise.
“The baby is sleeping so we need to be quiet.”

Here are a few new ones (maybe)-

queasy – experiencing sickness; feeling sick.
“After I rode the roller coaster I felt queasy.”

questionable – open to doubt or challenge. *Remember when you hear a verb with the suffix (ending) able we know that this word is an adjective with the meaning that the verb is possible. We are able to do it. – question can also be used a verb. It means to express doubt about.
question + able = we are able to question (something)

“Jim says he wants to help the local school by volunteering with the soccer team on the weekends, but his reasons for helping the school are questionable. I know that he really likes spending time with the children’s single mothers.”

“The pizza was delivered quick but the cheese is questionable. I think it’s made from oil not milk!
After I ate it I felt queasy.”

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