4 forms and common uses of the English word BACK

The word BACK has 4 different
forms in English.

If an English word has a few different uses it can be confusing for my clients. It’s confusing for me in my study of Japanese and it’s probably confusing for many English students too! I hope this post is helpful for your English study!

BACK – 4 word forms

All helpful definitions are from  
noun – the part of your body opposite your chest-
“I fell last weekend playing tennis and I hurt my back.” ~ This usually refers to the muscles in your back.
OR – the spine, the row of bones in the middle of your back
“Wendy broke her back in a motorcycle accident. It’s serious but the doctor says with surgery she should be better in 12~14 weeks.” = Wendy broke the bones in her back (her spine)
adjective – located behind or at the back of something
“I couldn’t hear the movie well because I was sitting in the back row.” = my seat was at the back of the theater
OR from the past
“I love GQ magazine. I have a subscription and about 75 back issues too.” = I also have 75 past issues

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